Welcome to Pat Wilson’s Beauty College

Where you can have a career in a little over a year!  Check out our mobile site! If you’ve ever watched the hard and joyful workers in a salon with envy, wishing that you could join a career path that was equally enjoyable, then Pat Wilsons Beauty College might be the best place to start. Located in Henderson, Kentucky, the school can give you a certificate and prepare you to take the state licensing examination in two years or less.

Among the many interesting cosmetology skills you will learn over the course of your studies are hair styling, hair cutting, nail technology, and skin care. You can also prepare to be an instructor in any one of those subjects. The small class sizes will ensure that you are able to interact with your instructors on a daily basis and get the special attention that you so rightly deserve.

If tuition woes are what is keeping you from attending beauty college and embarking on your career path, then fill out the FAFSA to apply for financial aid.
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